Learn by Playing

Poki’s Poker Academy takes advantage of the fact that most of us learn best by doing. With sophisticated computer opponents, you will be able to play thousands of hands to hone your Texas Hold’em skills.

Learn by Studying

Playing a large number of hands against serious opponents will improve your game. But you can improve faster by studying some of the hands to a greater depth. The Hand Evaluator will let you load any current hand and look at its specifics. It will show you what the mathematical strength of your hand is. You can use that to look at how the computer rates your hand. It allows you to graphically adjust how loose or tight your opponents as a group are playing and see what that does to the distribution of hands they are likely to hold and whether or not those hands beat yours. You can do a quick simulation to try a large number of combinations of future board cards and hole cards to see how many times you’d expect to win, lose, or tie.

Learn by Experimenting

As you progress, you may have poker questions that you’d like answered without having to actually wait for them to occur in a hand. How often will my Ace-Ace hold up against his 7-8 suited? What about against 3 players with random hands? What are the chances of me winning when I have four cards to a straight and flush on the flop, versus top two pair? For questions like these, Poki’s Poker Academy has the Showdown Calculator.


If you are a programmer, you can program your own computer opponent using the Meerkat API, plug it into Poki’s Poker Academy, and see how it does against yourself and the other AIs. If you aren’t a programmer, don’t worry. Our website will link to additional freely available computer opponents as they become available.

If you have just heard of Texas Hold’em, Poki’s Poker Academy provides a perfect environment to learn the game against players who will play like it is for real. And if you play Texas Hold’em for fun or money, invest in Poki’s Poker Academy as a training tool to help you improve your game and increase your winning rate.